Hi Ice Skater, thanks for your feedback. It’s an interesting argument for sure. As far as I’m aware the ‘“as if” personality’, is no longer (if it ever was) a legitimate or valid diagnosis. BPO is also no longer used (except in old-school psychoanalysis communities). Kernberg’s work is definitely still valid but our understanding of PD has evolved, alongside the use of labels. If anything I’d say Kernberg’s BPO is actually under the umbrella of BPD/PD. Notwithstanding this, whether it’s ‘organisation’ ‘syndrome’ or ‘disorder’ it all amounts to the same thing in terms of symptoms— BPD is used for the sake of convenience. I like the ‘“As if” Personality’ construct by Helene Deutsch as it presents an early account of some of the more elusive symptoms of PD, and how it creates problems in psycho-social functioning. This article is not meant to be scientific, rather just another ‘angle’ in which to explore, trauma and personality disorder, as well as that feeling of not quite fitting in. Thanks for the article link, very interesting!

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Freelance journalist writing on mental health and disability. Words have the power to shine a light on realities otherwise missed.

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