Thank you for your lovely message. It always makes me really happy to know people are reading the article and finding it helps them. That’s why I wrote it! After feeling mistreated, misunderstood and misdiagnosed by many psychiatrists and mental health professionals, I set up on a path of self-education and self-empowerment. Knowing there is a biological basis to the condition helped me accept myself, with all my faults and contradictions, and work toward recovery — a life that is tailored to meet my needs, and is uniquely mine, and worth living. I think as well as there not being enough information about Borderline Personality Disorder out in the public domains, there’s not enough people with the condition speaking out. I’ve come to the conclusion the reason for that is not for lack of talent, but because we lack a platform. BPD is still an “unglamorous” illness, which people struggle to empathise with. Amidst competing topics of interest, and activist causes, we still don’t have a place to tell our story. Thanks once again for your kind words, really appreciate it!

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Freelance journalist writing on mental health and disability. Words have the power to shine a light on realities otherwise missed.

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