Thanks Lydia. The fact that BPD and C-Ptsd show the same brain abnormalities is testament to the fact labels are arbitrary, and there needs to be a radical overhaul of how we diagnose conditions. Instead of symptoms being discussed as self-contained descriptions, we need to analyse them in context.

And its true, treatment is often designed to help people cope rather than lead them to full recovery. I know myself as much as I liked DBT, it was a way to teaching me to survive, (an important first step) rather than helping me learn how live.

For that existential question, I had to learn and educate myself in regard to the roots of the illness. I had to discover my own story — why I am the way I am, and why it matters. I’m glad you found Somatic touch therapy helpful. For me, it was reading, writing, and meditation. Regardless of what the doctors tell us, we ourselves can be our own healer.

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Freelance journalist writing on mental health and disability. Words have the power to shine a light on realities otherwise missed.

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