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The Transference Game

With Borderline Personality Disorder relationships are difficult. The past is always the present. Old feelings are always new. Under the stress of memory how can we build bridges.

The patient is not satisfied with regarding the analyst in the light of reality as a helper….the patient sees in him the return, the reincarnation, of some important figure out of his childhood or past, and consequently transfers on to him feelings and reactions which undoubtedly applied to this prototype….This transference is ambivalent: it comprises positive as well as negative attitudes towards the analyst, who as a rule is put in the place of one or other of the patient’s parents, his father or mother. “

Freud, “An Outline of Psychoanalysis” 1940

Catching feelings


The same old pattern

The Game is not a Game

Utilise Therapy

Game over

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Freelance journalist writing on mental health and disability. Words have the power to shine a light on realities otherwise missed.

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